We know the needs in Southern California are great. Our cities represent a collection of different types of people. People looking for answers to their purpose and pain in life. People that aren’t a part of life-giving church. People that matter to God. We believe that the church of Jesus is the hope of the world.

We have a God-given calling to plant 12 life-changing Our City Churches in the US, 12 expressions of Our City Church outside of the US, and any other partnerships God calls us to. God has brought all of us together for such a time as this, in this special place called Southern California. Because of this vision, we have launched our first campus in Corona, CA and will later be expanding to Orange County and then to San Bernardino County.

We are following His lead, His provision and His voice as to how, where, and when to walk out our vision. We are committed to obeying God as He continues to direct us.



Pastor Chris loves to help people experience the wonder of learning something about God, and themselves, that they never knew. He has a rare ability to connect with people from any background or lifestyle and inspire them to a deeper passion for Jesus, using humor, personal stories, & honesty when he speaks. Pastor Chris is an internationally recognized speaker who encourages people with his passion for Jesus, God’s Word and the Church. God has used Pastor Chris’s story to bring hope and emotional healing to people all around the world.

Brenda has a sincere desire to see people realize their potential and overcome anything in their past through the power of Christ’s love. She has a deep love for helping people experience a sense of healthy family. She helps create an environment of fun, love, care, & passion everywhere she goes. She believes the Church is the hope of the world.

They live and do ministry in Southern California with their daughter, Eliana Joy, who they call their “little lovie.”